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Infertility Clinic

Under the supervision of professors and consultants of gynecology and infertility with long experience in the field of infertility and the clinic is every day except Friday.

Andrology clinic

In the field of andrology, both the clinical consultants and andrology lab’s personnel are among the most experienced in their field.

Andrology consultants are highly specialized and experienced in all the recent treatment modalities in their filed (diagnostic tests – drug therapy – surgical operations – testicular biopsy).

We are proud to announce that we are the leading center in the field of microscopic testicular sampling, with a success rate matching international success rates.

The andrology lab is equipped with all the latest diagnostic and preparatory methods and stains available and we are determined to keep it to that standard.

Genetics and genetic diseases clinic

Professor Dr. Ezzat Sobki one of the consultants with international reference in this field.


The laboratory is under the supervision of professors and highly acclaimed consultants to conduct all the requested diagnostic tests (hormonal and immunological) as well as a specialized semen analysis lab to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is the injection of semen from the husband – after its treatment to improve the properties -inside the uterus in a timely manner to fertilize mature eggs.

The aim of this method is to increase the chances of pregnancy to “approximate” the sperms to the eggs

The couple who will benefit from this procedure include:

1 –Couples who complain of delayed pregnancy of unknown cause (for no apparent reason after doing basic test (.

2 – Cases who suffer from endometriosis (first or second degree).

3 – Cases where there is an abnormality in ovulation.

4 – Cases, where there is a mild abnormality, is the semen parameters: mild abnormalities in sperm concentration or motility.

5 – Cases of cervical secretions’ disorders:  which affects the ability of sperm to pass the cervix and into the uterus.

6 – Sexual cause (as erectile dysfunction).


ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is the last and most sophisticated step in assisted reproduction.

It is carried out in cases with there is a sever abnormality in semen parameters. blockage of the fallopian tubes, the presence of pelvic adhesions, endometriosis, unexplained infertility or failure of other assisted reproduction techniques.

Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy

– In some cases, the patient may need to evaluate the uterine cavity prior to the ICSI procedure, for example in cases of repeated ICSI failure or when there is doubt about the presence of abnormal tissues inside the uterine cavity by ultrasound.

– Hysteroscopy is done under general anesthesia and usually takes no more than 15 minutes. If you have been diagnosed with the presence of abnormal tissues inside the cavity of the uterus they can be removed during the hysteroscopy to prepare the uterus for receiving the embryos.

Pre-implatation genetic diagnosis and sex selection

-When an inherited disease is known to be running in certain families or when couples want to know the sex of their embryos before transferring them back to the uterus, “pre-implantation genetic tests” may be done.

– These procedures are done on the third day after the egg is fertilized by taking a cell from embryo subject to analysis after peeling its cover by a laser beam.  This cell is then examined genetically.

Results take 24-48 hours to be available. Transfer of the examined embryo is done on the fifth day after fertilization.

– Using the same technique, the cell taken from the embryo can be used to know what type of embryo (male or female) as some genetic diseases affect only males or females.

– All these tests are the integrated work of the consultant physicians, lab technicians and genetics’ specialists.

Assisted hatching

The embryo consists of a group of cells surrounded by a wall known as the wall of the embryo. Sometimes this wall thick to a degree that prevents embryonic cells to implant in the uterus.

Using a very precise laser beam, openings in the wall of the embryo can be done, thereby helping embryonic cells to implant within the walls of the uterus.

Testicular biopsy

In the absence of sperms in a semen sample, a small opening within the testis is made and a testicular sample is taken for analysis for the presence of sperms.

This is a minor procedure after which the patient may leave the hospital on the same day of the operation.

Is sperms are found within the testicular biopsy; they may be frozen and preserved for use in an ICSI cycle at a subsequent date.

Microscopic  testicular biopsy

Using a magnifying microscope, the testicular biopsy may be done from areas expected to yield sperms (rather than naked eye biopsy in which a sample is taken at random).

This procedure may result in finding sperms in patients who have previously undergone a conventional testicular biopsy with negative results.

Sperm and testicular sample cryopreservation

Freezing and preservation of semen and testicular samples containing sperms, allows for use of these samples in subsequent procedures. This is especially beneficial to men who will undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy in order to preserve their fertility.

Samples may be preserved for many years or deposed upon the patients’ requests.

Embryos cryopreservation

This useful technique can be used when multiple embryos are produced in one ICSI cycle. Embryos are preserved by freezing and transferred to the woman’s uterus in a subsequent cycle (with no need for ovarian stimulation). All data available ensures the safety of this technique and embryos can preserved for many years.

Ova cryopreservation

– This technique is used when the women are subjected to the treatment of malignant tumors with chemotherapy or radiation that affect the function of the ovaries

– This is done before the start of treatment

– Moreover, preparations are under-construction to freeze the tissue of the ovary and to transfer it back to the patient to regain her menstrual cycle and not just her fertility.

Premarital counseling and evaluation

When thinking of marriage it is very useful to make reassurance on reproductive health and this is done by matching the situation and assesses the chances of fertility treatment and any introductions to infertility.

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