About Elite Fertility Care


Elite Fertility Care has been set up by a group of professors and consultants in the field of infertility.

The Center is for both males and females in addition to consultants in the field of genetics and embryology.

Elite Fertility Care stands out as a center built on the foundations of teamwork.

With the highest level of coordination between specialized and experienced consultants.

The Center founders put their primary goal the service of the suffering by applying the latest tools in the diagnosis and treatment.

And to achieve this goal private clinics are equipped with the latest ultrasound devices and the latest equipment for testing & diagnosis with a special laboratory.

The operating rooms and laboratory embryos have also been set up to the latest standards, which provide the highest degree of safety and the highest success rates.

In the field of andrology, both the clinical consultants and andrology lab’s personnel are among the most experienced in their field. The andrology lab is equipped with all the latest diagnostic and preparatory methods and stains available and we are determined to keep it to that standard.


All the staff of Elite Fertility Care has set one single purpose and goal; to serve the patients in the most personalized and up-to-date methods, assuring the patients’ privacy and seeking their satisfaction.




Elite Fertility Care

Elite Fertility Care






“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”


— Richard James Molloy